Canton Fair and Other Top Exhibitors from China

what is the list of exhibitors in canton fair and how can get the china top factories and companies who exhibited in main top china trade shows as an exhibitors



12/22/2021 3 min read

One of the biggest Chinese trade shows and exhibitions with high numbers of exhibitors list attended in, is Canton fair., it is so big can in several phases which you need more than 10 days to visit all., The Canton Fair or China Import and Export Fair, is a trade fair held in the spring and autumn seasons each year since the spring of 1957 in Canton (Guangzhou), Guangdong, China with top companies as canton fair exhibitors list .[1] It is the oldest, largest, and the most representative trade fair in China.[ref: wikipedia]

where can I buy the canton fair exhibitors list?

you can buy it from the global exhibitors directory and list website from this link.

where do you buy canton fair exhibitors' email addresses?

the excel file of beellion has the all email contact addresses of last canton fair exhibitors list.

How can I find the other Chinese main companies and exhibitors lists from other top exhibitions of china?

you can find in this link

Which exhibitors/sectors include in this zip file:

Product Details

Canton Fair + China Main Fairs Exhibitors List Download-2017-2021-Download 41 Pdf/Excel files in ZIP file, With Complete Companies Business Information Include: about 50.000 China Exhibitors Names, Emails, Tel, Fax, Products/Services, Exhibitors Countries/Cities, Address/Postal Codes and their Websites.

Complete Business/Contact Details- 2021/11 Updated- Accuracy: 95% to 100%.

- Zip File Included About Main Exhibitors List and Exhibitors Emails Contacts as Follows:

  1. Canton Fair - Canton Fair Exhibitors emails 2018-2021

  2. Canton Fair - Canton Fair inquiries 2018-2021

  3. Canton Fair China Email List

  4. Canton Fair Chinese Factories Exhibitor-List

  5. +

  6. HOTELEX China contact emails list of exhibitors

  7. IEME-CHINA email contacts of exhibitors list

  8. International Asia China Contact Emails List of Last Exhibitors

  9. InterZum-Guanzo-China Contact Email List of Exhibitors

  10. IOTEXPO-China Contact Emails of Exhibitors List

  11. Participants of Guangxi and Their Intention of Cooperation

  12. SEMICON China companies contact email list

  13. Speciality Food China Contact Emails list of exhibitors

  14. The CIFF Exhibitors List of Home Furniture

  15. World's largest furniture exhibition china exhibitors

  16. ALC16_List of Exhibitors

  17. Bauma China Contact emails of Exhibitors list

  18. BIRTV Contact emails of Exhibitors List 2016-2020

  19. CAOMIE-CHINA Contact emails

  20. CEMAT ASIA CHINA Exhibitors List Contact Emails

  21. China biggest industries email addresses-20000 email

  22. China Main Manufacturing list

  23. China Power Show Exhibitors Contact Emails

  24. CHINA WIND EXPO Contact EmailS of last exhibitors

  25. China-company list(official catalogue)

  26. CIHE-CHINA Contact Emails of Last Exhibitors

  27. CIOE 2016-2021 Exhibitor List

  28. Companies and Organizations for the CHINA HI-TECH FAIR Seminar in Hungary

  29. ALPITEC-CHINA exhibitors list Contact Email list of 2017-2021 exhibited

  30. CSLF CHINA Leather Fair Contact email of exhibitors

  31. ECOBUILD CHINA Contact Email of Exhibitors

  32. HOTELEX China contact emails list of exhibitors

  33. IEME-CHINA email contacts of exhibitors list

  34. International (Dongguan) Metal Casting Show

  35. intertextile shanghai 2018-exhibitors-beyond-denim

  36. SIAL China contact Emails of exhibitors list

  37. ShanghaiTex Online Contact Email Of Exhibitors List

  38. PTEXPO China contact Eemails of Exhibitors

  39. Metro-China Expo Contact Email List of Exhibitors

  40. LED EXPO & OLED EXPO china2 Exhibitor List

  41. CAOMIE-CHINA Contact emails

How can search one product/keyword/exhibitors list in pdf/excel files of Canton/China Fairs exhibitors list?
in PDF Keywords:
  1. Open Canton/China Fairs exhibitor's PDF with your default PDF reader.
  2. Press CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac).
  3. In the text box, enter your search term.
  4. The first match will be highlighted.
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