French Top Fairs Exhibitors & Companies List/Data List

French Paris Top Exhibitors and Companies List and Contact Emails Files .zip file 2020-2022-Download 13 Pdf/Excel files in ZIP file, With Complete Companies Business Information Include: about 13.000 France Exhibitors Names, Emails, Tel, Fax, Products/Services, Exhibitors Countries/Cities, Address/Postal Codes and their Websites.


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French Trade fairs Number one worldwide

The 1,100 public fairs, trade shows (including 407 in the Paris region, Ile-de-France) and 2,800 scientific conferences organized and hosted in France each year are powerful radiation instruments. They generate over 30.5 billion euros in contracts, of which 17.5 billion euros are invested in Paris and its region.

With 7.5 billion euros in economic spin-offs and 120,000 jobs (including 5.5 billion euros reinvested and 86,000 jobs in Ile-de-France), they contribute to the development of innovation, training and reputation for the benefit of major economic sectors, learned societies, local authorities and tourism professionals.

to access French trade exhibitors list from 2017-2022 you can search beellion here.

Where can I buy the French fair exhibitors list?

you can buy it from the global exhibitors directory and list website from this link.

Where do you buy French fair exhibitors' email addresses?

the excel file of beellion has the all email contact addresses of the last French fair exhibitors list.

How can I find the other French main companies and exhibitors lists from other top exhibitions of French ?

you can find in this link

Where can I get a list of recently exhibited companies in French?

to get most of the exhibited companies in French trade exhibitions exhibitors 2019-2022 you can go here.

I am looking for French exhibitors Contact email addresses are on the list included in

Yes, the list of is include direct CEO or Sales Employees of the exhibitors.

Where Can I get a list of top Exhibitor company Name, City, State, Country, and Industry?

Some of the French Downloadable Lists have all data in a file. before buying them please read each description.

How do I download the French companies/exhibitors 2018-2022 list?

first, go to this page of French top comapnies/exhibitors

second read our description in the following.

if ok to you buy it., you will find the download link and the link will access in your email address and be valid for 72 hours.

how can I find my best exhibitor in all lists to start cooperation with?

it is better to send your inquiry to all of the emails and lists, you can use this article

Which exhibitors/sectors include in this zip file:

Product Details French Paris Top Exhibitors and Companies List and Contact Emails Files .zip file 2020-2022-Download 13 Pdf/Excel files in ZIP file, With Complete Companies Business Information Include: about 13.000 France Exhibitors Names, Emails, Tel, Fax, Products/Services, Exhibitors Countries/Cities, Address/Postal Codes and their Websites.

Complete Business/Contact Details- 2022/01 Updated- Accuracy: 95% to 100%.

- Zip File Included About Main Exhibitors List and Exhibitors Emails Contacts as Follows:

  1. France Companies and exhibitors email addresses list 450 emails.xlsx

  2. France tourist expo exhibitors email addresses list.xls

  3. Bepositive Energy and building exhibition exhibitors emails addrsses of lyon france.xlsx

  4. Intermat constraction paris exhibitors lists 2500 email addresses.xlsx

  5. Macparis contemporary art fair EXHIBITORS IST- websites-addresses-tels-complete and info email addresses .xlsx

  6. Paris Bijorhca Exhibitors List with name and access websites top attendees of 2020-2022.xlsx

  7. International exhibition of environmental equipment technologies and services exhibitors list email addresses.xls

  8. France organic trade shows exhibitors email addresses 750 email.xls

  9. PARIS 's largest vehicle and component testing and validation technology and services exhibition email addresses.xlsx

  10. Silmo Paris All List of exhibitors from 2019-2022 .pdf

  11. Texworld Apparel Paris Exhibitor list email and websites details .pdf

  12. Eurosatory Downloadable Exhibitors List Directory 2018-2022.pdf

  13. SILMO-Paris-2019-exhibitors directory list.pdf

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in PDF Keywords:
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Good reasons to visit a french trade show

1. A resolutely international focus

French international trade shows reflect the global market in their sector. They attract a host of companies from outside France and record large numbers of international visitors, in particular drawing visitors from countries that are less represented at other European shows, such as MENA countries (North Africa and the Middle East). French shows therefore act both as a gateway to French and European markets, but also to markets in these regions of the world.

2. A springboard to exports

Trade show channels offer French and international companies the opportunity to network with a large number of prospective clients and suppliers within a concentrated period of time.

3. An international benchmark tool

As a showcase for the expertise of a given sector or industry, trade shows enable companies to present their products and promote their innovations, and to get an up-close look at their competitors’ products and innovations.

4. An effective and lucrative tool

For every €1 a company invests in their participation in a trade show, it will on average earn back €10 in revenue. A quarter of this revenue is generated during the show, and the remaining 3/4 in the 3 to 10 months following the show.

5. A reliable tool

Industry professionals name participation in a trade show as the best, most cost-effective promotional tool, ahead of the internet and visits by sales reps and dealers.

6. A strategic business accelerator

Exhibitors generate a significant portion of their annual revenue at shows, which are fantastic trading platforms. In addition to taking orders, there are a wealth of other strategic benefits here: finding out about a market, launching or discovering a new product, boosting brand awareness, bolstering your presence, prospecting and signing new contracts, forging contacts with suppliers, buyers or distributors etc.

7. A comprehensive, sector-specific offering

French shows are divided into distinct sectors: Exhibitor categories are clearly defined and visitor trails personalised to meet the specific needs and desires of each individual visitor. French shows guide and direct the visitor through an easy-to-navigate area, enabling them to get the most out of their visit.