Russia Trade Fairs Exhibitors List and Top Russian Companies Contact Data

Russia Top Exhibitors List and Top Companies Contacts -Zip File-2017-2022-Download 20 Pdf/Excel files in ZIP file, With Complete Companies Business Information Include: about 20.000 Russian Exhibitors Names, Emails, Tel, Fax, Products/Services, Exhibitors Countries/Cities, Address/Postal Codes and their Websites.


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Russian Trade fairs Number one in Asia

Russian market, numerous international exhibitions are routinely held in major Russian cities concerning all economic domains.

Restrictions due the pandemic were temporary and impacted primarily the sizes of stands and the lists of foreign attendees. Trade shows held in 2021 had fewer foreign attendees and smaller budgets for stands.

Another advantage of trade shows is that they attract attendees from a large geographic region onto one site. This reduces the expense associated with finding and reaching new contacts over vast distances. For example, trade shows in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Kazan attract pertinent leads from all over the CIS.

Non-Russian companies which visit Russian trade shows in person often benefit from local business consultants, assigned to their companies and acting as linguistic interpreters, advisors and facilitators during negotiations.

Travel restrictions during the pandemic temporarily transformed the process of trade show participation for foreign companies, involving local business agents who attended the exhibitions themselves, collected pertinent information, negotiated with exhibitors, prospected for leads and organized live video conferences between local and foreign contacts.

Attending trade shows in Russia does not necessitate large travel budgets or large organizational times. Tasks, schedules and objectives can be agreed upon shortly before the start of the trade shows.

to access Russia trade exhibitors list from 2017-2022 you can search beellion here.

Where can I buy the Russia fair exhibitors list?

you can buy it from the global exhibitors directory and list website from this link.

Where do you buy Russia fair exhibitors' email addresses?

the excel file of beellion has the all email contact addresses of the last Belgium fair exhibitors list.

How can I find the other Russia main companies and exhibitors lists from other top exhibitions of Russia ?

you can find in this link

Where can I get a list of recently exhibited companies in Russia?

to get most of the exhibited companies in Russia trade exhibitions exhibitors 2019-2022 you can go here.

I am looking for Russia exhibitors Contact email addresses are on the list included in

Yes, the list of is include direct CEO or Sales Employees of the exhibitors.

Where Can I get a list of top Exhibitor company Name, City, State, Country, and Industry?

Some of the Russia Downloadable Lists have all data in a file. before buying them please read each description.

How do I download the Russia companies/exhibitors 2018-2022 list?

first, go to this page of Russia top comapnies/exhibitors

second read our description in the following.

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how can I find my best exhibitor in all lists to start cooperation with?

it is better to send your inquiry to all of the emails and lists, you can use this article

Which exhibitors/sectors include in this zip file:

Product Details Russia Top Exhibitors List and Top Companies Contacts -Zip File-2017-2022-Download 20 Pdf/Excel files in ZIP file, With Complete Companies Business Information Include: about 20.000 Russian Exhibitors Names, Emails, Tel, Fax, Products/Services, Exhibitors Countries/Cities, Address/Postal Codes and their Websites.

Complete Business/Contact Details- 2022/01 Updated- Accuracy: 90% to 100%.

- Zip File Included About Main Exhibitors List and Exhibitors/Main Companies Emails Contacts as Follows:

  1. Alphabetical list of the intercharm exhibitors list. details, emails, websites, tel-fax and info.pdf

  2. Worlfood Moscow Exhibitors List Complete Directory and complete Business Details, Emails, Tel/Fax and websites.pdf

  3. Top 500 russia exhibitors and companies list with web addresses.xlsx

  4. Woodex is the leading event of technologies for woodworking, wood processing and furniture Exhibitors Email Addresses production in Russia .xlsx

  5. International Commercial Vehicle Auto Show COMTRANS Exhibitors contact Emails

  6. International trade fair for packaging machinery, machines for the production of packaging materials and packaging materials exhibittors list.xlsx

  7. International Conference on Complex Systems scheduled exhibitors list with web addresses 2022.xlsx

  8. International Concrete Conference & Exhibition exhibitors emails addresses list .xlsx

  9. International Oil & Gas Exhibitors of russia and kazakhstan top companies emails addresses.xlsx

  10. Russia bulk 5200 exhibitors and companies email addresses .txt

  11. Russia Logistic and Transporting Exhibitors and top companies emails contacts list

  12. Russia inside companies list and contact directories 3000 companies.xlsx

  13. 3700 number of russia top exhibitors list , factories and companies with contact emails.xlsx

  14. Miningworld russia exhbitors email addresses 2021-2023.xlsx

  15. Directory List of Russian economic and commercial organizations and institutions

  16. Beviale moscow beverage production and bottling and packaging exhibitors name and websites list .pdf


  18. russian top building companies as exhibitors.pdf


  20. World-food-moscow-exhibitor-list-2021 with product categories.pdf

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