The Importance of British Exhibitions and Trade shows

The Importance of British Exhibitions and Trade shows


11/18/2021 1 min read

Trade fairs, trade shows, or exhibitions are planned events where “manufacturers, distributors and other vendors, (Exhibitors/Attendees) display their products or describe their services to invited persons including current and prospective customers, suppliers, other business associates.

During the past several years, determining the effectiveness of business activities in the UK exhibitors list has become increasingly important both to communication professionals and marketing practitioners.

Academics and the case studies taken into consideration during this paper emphasized the trade show’s Exhibitors list, especially for those companies operating in international markets. It was understood that Trade fairs offer businesses a good and efficient way to reach current and potential customers in the industry where they belong, making trade shows a vital element to the companies’ marketing mix from the exhibitors' side.

Many companies worldwide have understood the power of trade shows and are diminishing their expenses on advertising and general PR, and focusing more on this personal communication strategy. In fact, now a day, the trade shows industry comprises a multibillion-dollar business. Important to mention is the fact that trade shows do not only present and sell products to customers, but in conjuction with professional industry groups of exhibitors/visitors meetings, they give sellers an opportunity to interact with pre-qualified prospects, important suppliers, exhibitors and other industry associates. All these groups are important actors in the international markets and they can minimize substantially the company’s entry barriers there. But however, as previously mentioned while studying the advantages of trade shows, we should take into consideration the nature of the business that is operating in the international events of the UK. enables contacting Exhibitors at a lower cost, it enables global companies to check exhibitors' products, contact detail and at the same time market them appropriately; give foreign companies the possibility to easy access to UK international exhibitors list with their complete business data.